Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 0 - Blast Off

It has been about five days since our family arrived in Caen.  Before I posted more of our experiences, I wanted to settle in - "marinate" is a perfect description.  And I am glad I did allow myself to "marinate" because my perspectives on our new life have evolved (for the better). Here starts a summary of Days 0 - 5 so you can follow this evolution.

Day 0: Depart for Caen 
Our flight was 3 hours delayed leaving Chicago O'Hare on Monday, Feb 5.  That turned our time to burn at the airport from 3 to 6 hours, as we had already arrived prompty 3 hours early for our original flight.  Although those 6 hours at O'Hare seemed insurmountable with three active children, we did survive.  Three Leapsters, three headsets and a variety of Leapster cartridges did the trick, with a little help from the wide array of snacks at the United Red Carpet Club (which by the way doesn't have red carpet).  It was down to 2 kids to entertain after a while because Mia seemed unable to stay awake. She basically slept for about 1 hour before we left to board the plane. When we boarded the plane the children were extremely excited by their seats and their own dedicated video screens.  We were fortunate enough to be flying business class in a newer plane.  After a long stint at the airport, the aura on the plane was nice.  The flight attendants were nice, Wall-E was flowing from the screens and Andrew and I were enjoying warm nuts and wine.  The girls ate some dinner but really they fell asleep quickly and slept the duration of the flight.  Again, Mia was in what seemed like a coma. Couldn't figure that out, but wasn't going to complain!  In summary Day 0 started shakey with a delay but for the flight I could have nothing better to say!

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