Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 4: It's Messy

OK, so Day 3 here in Caen had it's ups and down.  I was absolutely sure that the next day was going to be better and the next even better...So I was unprepared for mid-morning when Grace started vomiting.  The night before I was suspicious of sickness.  Mia was still acting really tired and Grace was acting similarly.  We had had another night of rebel-rousing in the streets of Caen which proved an act of will to try and sleep through. Between jet-lag, Caen-street traffic-lag and just new surroundings (which I think Grace and Mia are still deciding if they approve of) and a possible flu bug, it all came together as one big projectile vomit string from Grace. Poor thing had never been so sick.  She had thown up once or twice before and had seen Ella really sick but this was new to her.  All day long she would drink a sip of water and then thown up ten-fold right after. She was so thirsty and she didn't understand that her body was not into anything being consumed.  In total, I went through 8 outfits, 2 sets of sheets, washed 2 IKEA chair covers and cleaned 2 rugs.  Nothing like efficiency - even when vomiting!  I liked my cousin Gretchen's view on the whole deal - Grace was just breaking the apartment in for us.  I am not sure about you, but if I experience something awful in a new place - that new place becomes tainted to me, as if to tell me it is a bad place.  So even after the flu bug and all is gone, I think it will take more time for Grace to like Caen and the new apartment. Mia was also sick but without the vomit.  She would not move.  She was all slumped over in a very uncomfortable chair and stayed there for a long time.  She was so out of it that could could not respond to me (or maybe she could but wouldn't). Needless to say, this day was messy and another unproductive one for myself and the girls.   I think Andrew came home for lunch and got in on the fun for one round of vomit and then he was off to the office, again.
On the positive side, after everyone was in bed I figured out how to get some channels in English.  I watched something that I would have never typically watched had I been in Colorado with my 500 viewing channel buffet.  But, the show (which is escaping me) was comforting - to hear English was familiar.
Another example of complete and utter love of television is Grace, Mia and Ella watching cartoons in French.  They could care less what language the show is in - doesn't bother them one bit.  I wonder why not?
Day 4, though full of action, still didn't provide the adventures I had been looking for.

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