Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb 17, 2009: A Step in the Wrong Direction

Feb. 17, 2009: Hmmm. Today. Today was OK!  Happy to report that there were no trips to the hospital, no faulty driving stories, no vomiting.  Andrew's parents arrived today from Scottsdale, via Chicago, around 2:30 p.m.   It was so nice to see them, all five of us were happy to see family.  Our apartment is still in shambles (according to me, not Andrew) but I did some power shopping today to get the studio apartment ready for Suzie and Peter's arrival.  Shopping for the essentials: towels, pillows, comforter, a small live flower arrangement to keep it happy.  Patting myself on the back at the moment, because to me it looks quite nice, I think I would like to move down to the studio apartment.  A much better bathroom....
Looking at Suzie's eyes, I knew we might lose her to jet lag if we didn't get some action started.  So while Andrew and Peter went to the local "Home Depot" to rent a ladder (curtain hanging project), Suzie and I took the girls to a local carousel they kept asking about.  Funny thing happened on the way to the carousel.  A woman heard us talking in English and asked if we might be able to help her with a few things.  Having been here only a week, I was doubtful, but happy to be the one in the "know" for the first time in a while!  It turns out she had just moved here with her family of three kids and her husband.  Her name? Kate.  Her husbands name? Andrew.  TOO crazy, I know.  And she was delightful, really nice.  She is from Australia and her husband I believe is from Britain.  She was looking for rentals and had a hard time so I offered to give her the name of our realtor we used here in Caen to find our rental.  Also, she was staying in a hotel right across the street from the Carousel, so she said her kids were probably itching to get out and would meet us there.  It turns out all three of her kids are just as delightful, ages 4, 6 and 8.  My guess is, her husband is pretty nice, also.  So, we decided to keep in touch and get together.  After four rides, it was time to head back to the apartment and stop for some pain au chocolat on the way.  But, wow, how crazy!  We met some possible friends, who speak English.  Pretty cool.
After a very non-traditional French dinner of rotisserie chicken, hot dogs, cantonese rice, potato chips and arugula salad (still getting take-out due to a huge lack of kitchen accessories), we got the girls to bed.  Andrew had to tend to some business matters so Suzie and I caught up, sitting in our only two chairs, using our only two wine glasses, sipping some yummy Bordeaux.  It was nice, comfortable and very much needed!  Just a bit ago, Suzie decided to join Peter, who had gone to bed an hour or so prior.  As I was sitting, enjoying the silence, I heard a huge commotion down the stairs.  And it was Suzie - she had taken a step in the wrong direction off the stairs.  Don't worry, she is fine (so she says)!  But I chuckle, because just about 2 hours ago, Peter had given Suzie stern directions about the intricate nature of these abnormal stairs and if she was not careful, she might take a spill.  Having had a long day and not wanting these special instructions, I think Suzie kind of half-heard his warning.  And what do you know - she biffed in the exact location he had warned her about.  Why am I telling you this?  No real reason, other than the situation and the irony made me chuckle. And it reminded me of a time that I was at a very dark sushi restaurant in Crested Butte, took a wrong turn and fell flat on my face and flew across the DJ's stage in front of many-a-diner that evening.  I acted like nothing happened (clearly, something happened) and got right up and no one said anything to me, bless them all.  And I probably should have done the same for Suzie.  Alas...we all have our Mr. Bungles moments.  And Mr. Bungles moments have always made me chuckle, even my own.
Tomorrow, Suzie and Peter are taking the girls to the town of Camembert (pop. 126) where they make the famous cheese.  More adventures to come!


  1. "Suzie, please come here right now. Do you see this stair? It is not striaght and a little shallower than the rest!" Said dad. Mom quickly rebutted and rolled her eyes just like a traditional 4-yr old should, "Yes, peter. I saw it earlier. I have to go." "SUZIE, COME HERE AND SHOW ME THE STEP. If you don't, you will probably hurt yourself." "Peter, just go hand the curtains. Shoo."

    --break for 2hrs--


    Did I get it right? Should I tell you the story about the computer in Northfield which won't work? How about the cordless phones? Heat (or lack thereof)?



  2. You got it exactly perfect, actually! Andrew and I were laughing really hard to read the rundown you gave.