Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18, 2009: The Mysterious "Energy" of Grandparents

Feb 18, 2009:  I don't know where grandparents get their extra-ordinary energy.  It is like a force takes over and they just go, go, go and even when they can barely keep their eyes open, they go some more.  At least that is how I feel about Suzie and Peter.  They traveled all day yesterday, arrived here around 2:30 p.m., kept awake until a very respectable hour, woke up today around  8:30 a.m. They then took Ella and Mia on a field trip to Bayeux where they convinced these young girls to study and be interested in dozens of stained glass windows and tapestries, eat macaroni and cheese made of your not-so-typical cheeses, and came home with tasty quiches, breads, pates and tortes for us all.  I know how all three of the girls have been lately, so I know they were probably whining ALL day long. But Gaga and Bobby (Suzie and Peter's nicknames) always say they were absolutely perfect children all day long, not one problem encountered.  So I don't know how they do it, where they get their energy to fight jet lag, whining and food comatose all day long.  But they do it and I really admire them for this particular trait.  What is more, the girls really love to be with Gaga and Bobby because they are patient, knowledegable, tolerant, fun and give them tasty treats at any given moment : )
Grace and myself made another trip to the children's hospital today.  She was back to worse today and I was (and still am) worried.  She is zombie-ish, saying random things hurt such as her stomach, back, shoulder, always thirsty, doesn't want to walk (my back is killing me from carrying her) and all day long she says she is tired.  I think if I let her, she would sleep until 2010, only getting up for water because she is so thirsty.  You say one wrong thing, like red instead of blue, she cries. It is odd.  Anyway, we go back to the same hospital and this time, after 3 hours, they say she is fine but may be a little constipated.  Now I don't think this is the REAL problem here, but I know constipation is A problem for Grace. So I didn't argue when they recommended giving her an enema.  Lord knows I have thought about giving her one myself for many months, but just couldn't bring myself to do something to uncomfortable - for Grace and myself.  So they gave her one, she pooped, we left.  But I left feeling like something is still wrong.  I am praying that when she wakes up tomorrow morning, she is her crazy, silly self and not the shell she is right now.  Gracie - come out, come out, wherever you are! Cross your fingers!
Later this evening, I finally got piles and piles of clothes sorted and organized.  I am actually looking forward to sleeping in our room tonight.  Up until now, I had a hard time falling asleep thinking about the mountain-high tower of folding and sorting required.  Now, with that pile all gone, I can rest easy. Instead, I can think about the little boy who is crying his eyes out outside of our apartment right now at 11:45 p.m. at night, and wonder what in the heck his parents were thinking keeping him up and out so late.
Tomorrow should be fun.  Suzie and Peter are planning to take all three girls on another adventure while Andrew goes to work and I shop for some rugs, a couch, some chairs, and other items for the apartment.  Tomorrow night, Andrew is taking me on a romantic date to a local Bistro since Suzie and Peter volunteered to stay home and babysit. Grandparents....where do they get the energy? Bless them all!


  1. Here is the secret: Feed them wine & Jack (not mixed). Keeps em going for days.


  2. You are correct! Although, it seems that Calvados has also been a great addition to their drink palette : )