Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 19, 2009: Wanted: Perfect Martini

Feb 19, 2009: Lots of adventures yesterday!  First of all, Andrew hit the Chinese Buffet with his co-workers.  He had thought there was going to be some big, juicy meeting with hot topics discussed while enjoying this spread of soy heaven, but there was not.  Alas, his co-workers just wanted Chinese.  They enjoyed themselves so much, in fact, that barely a word was spoken the whole meal.  Bon appetit!
Peter and Suzie took the girls to Rouen, which is the capital of Upper Normandy. They saw the Notre Dame cathedral and various other sights.  They departed in the late morning and didn't return until 5:30 p.m. or so.    Given it is about 120 kilometres to Rouen, they had a long day of walking, learning and driving. 
Grace was doing much better than the day before.  Her only complaint in the morning (aside from waking up with an explosion in her diaper - apparently the enema she received the day prior was was still doing some work) was about her feet.  She said both of her feet hurt.  When walking, she would only walk on her toes.  So now I am thinking she has Rickets, severe gangrene or two club feet all of the sudden - resulting from this mysterious sickness that seeme to be evading the physicians at the hospital.  It actually turns out it was her shoes.  Her new shoes had been irritating her feet but for some reason she neglected to tell us this for many days.  So....all is well with Grace.  Yay!
My adventures started with exchanging our rented monster commuter van for a smaller car.  I think someone had a feeling that I should NOT be driving this weapon around the streets because Andrew got an email the night before saying there was an instant recall on this particular van and needed to be exchanged ASAP.  After spending 15 minutes trying to figure out how to start the new car and then 45 minutes (seriously, it took me 45 minutes) to figure out how to get the car in reverse, I was on my way to Cora.  Cora is a little bit Sam's Club, a little bit Big Lots, a little bit Dominicks and a little bit Wal-Mart.  I had to stock up on kitchen items, cleaning supplies, etc...  My cart was full, so full that the lady checking me out was stunned.  I explained in my best French that we had just moved and had nothing in our new maison.  She may have understood me, who knows!  The Garmin GPS was not helping so even though I got lost many times, I have to say I am getting to be quite the professional Round-abouter.
One of my great purchases at Cora was a cheap little DVD player and Wall-E.  It was the hit of the night. So while Andrew and I went out to dinner, the girls and Suzie and Peter stayed home to watch the movie.  
Andrew and I went out to dinner at a little brasserie that was recommended by a friend of his. We walked there and upon arriving at this tiny little brasserie I think we were both nicely surprised by how cute this little area appeared.  Two or three cobblestone streets connected with bars, brasseries and creperies on both sides.  It was right out of a movie and I loved it! We had a drink at the place that appeared to be "hopping" before having dinner.  It is beyond me why Andrew continues to order martini's here in Caen.  Not one place has ever made one that he liked.  All first sips are accompanied by a look of disgust and almost a gag.  Yet he finishes the drink and then will order one the next time.  He must be subconciously looking for the perfect martini here in France.  Our dinner was very nice.  Le Vendome was the name.  The food was delicious.  Andrew had fish and I had steak frites.  Andrew ordered a martini - go figure. It is a small place, romantically decorated with blacks and whites and gray's. Small tables that are close together. Playing in the background were some recording's of Edith Piaf and what Andrew and I thought must be Karaoke.  A drunk woman whom we could not find anywhere was singing along to Edith using a microphone.  She was not very in tune.  We asked the restaurant owner if he had karaoke this evening and he said, "no! It is our entertainment!"  Just at that moment she had a few really off notes and then he smiled and shrugged as if to say, "she is not always reliable but she has her good days." 
Dinner was nice and it was great to get out with Andrew - just the two of us.  I think we may also be getting another date night tonight. How lucky are we?

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