Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 20, 2009: Discovery Lane/House of Pain

Feb 20, 2009: I had a feeling yesterday when Peter told me he thought he was coming down with something....that he might be coming down with something. And sure enough, per Suzie, he had le stomache flu all night long.  He stayed in bed today until 2:00 p.m. or so.  Who  knows where he picked up this awful bug - it managed to impact his tummy, bottom, throat, nose and head.  A real zinger and very painful.  Peter and Suzie came from Chicago and Grace came from Chicago so I have to assume the enemy here is = Chicago. Or some spoiled pate or foie gras or croissant.  No matter the instigator, the results were none to pretty.  Peter awoke late this afternoon and managed to play and entertain until 8:30 p.m.  Just for the record, Peter managed to take a walk this afternoon, coming back with beer, pate, cassoulet and foie gras and expressed excitement at eating them, so my hunch is that he is going to be OK.....Again, a great example of grandparent super powers.  Peter - many wishes and prayers to you on a quick recovery.   
I took a long walk around the neighborhood and made many great discoveries.  A gym, a sushi restaurant, a fruit and veggie vendor, an Iranian rug vendor, and a few stores that reminded me of Cost Plus.  So some nice discoveries were made and it was a pleasant day for walking.  I also managed to get the tastiest crepe in the world, with butter and sugar.  My dad would be so jealous.  In the meantime, Suzie hung out with the girls, making crafts and art projects.  She also took them to lunch at the brasserie next store where they joyfully consumed hot chocolate, pasta with eighteen cheeses and chocolate ice cream.  I don't recall my grandparents being quite so benevolent with the treats...
Tonight, Andrew and I went to a place called The Caves for a pre-dinner drink.  It was a neat place, with all stone walls, arched windows and intimate.  After, we went to a restaurant that has become a favorite of Andrew's since he has been coming here for the last 4 months.  It was a tasty dinner.  My only regret was the gamba (shrimp) of mine that flew out of my fingers and into my wine glass.  It was embarrassing and a waste of a tasty glass of wine!
Tomorrow's adventures are still up for discussion.  We may all go to Deauville to see the aquarium and the beaches.  But Andrew and I also want to get a trip into IKEA before Peter and Suzie leave. So we shall see what happens.    What I hope does NOT happen is further sickness expansion.  Healthy minds, healthy bodies!  Only tomorrow will tell.  Bonne nuit!

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