Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Caen This Be?

The purpose of this blog is to capture the exciting and not so exciting adventures of our family's move from Crested Butte, CO to living in Caen, France.  How did this crazy adventure come to be?  My husband left his job of 6 years to go on his own as a freight broker.  He was doing his own thing for about 2 weeks when suddenly a mentor/past employer from his past contacted him and said, "Andrew, I really want you to join my fairly new company - and by the way, I really want you to move to France to head up our European Operations."  I won't say that this was a simple decision because it was not.  We had moved to Crested Butte just one year earlier to escape the suburbs of Chicago, to enjoy a more active lifestyle, to give our children a life that revolved around nature and recreation that excluded malls and Gymboree.  It was a big move and one that we had not regretted. Picking up and moving, as exotic as France sounds, was not an easy decision. But as you can tell by the title of this blog, we did it. We decided to move to Caen, France.  This blog is here to share with you the events and stories that we encounter on a daily basis, living in a new country with a new language - new everything.


  1. I am glad you are getting settled. Thanks for the blog it will great to hear how things are going.


  2. Hi there,

    I was just trying to find some infos about Caen as we are about to decide to move down there from the UK.
    Would you recommend the place, is there lots to do, and how are the people?



  3. Hi Mark - We like Caen very much! If you read this blog, you will see that moving to another country doesn't come without challenges. But we enjoy most challenges that come our way. We always have tons to do as a family, as this region is rich with history and beautiful scenery. The people are very friendly, especially if you make an effort to speak their language. The question is really about whether you and your family are ready to go on a big, fun adventure! Best of luck to you ; )

  4. Good morning, we are also considering moving to Caen but want to live in a house rather than an apartment. Any ideas?