Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1-2, 2009: Rise and Shine...

March 1-2, 2009: 

The past two days have been spent mostly working on the the playroom for the girls.  On Sunday, Andrew assembled some shelving and I worked on covering the walls and ceiling of a small room off the playroom with tapestries.  Andrew and I are actually trying to closely replicate the "Kids Stash," a favorite place of our kids to visit when we eat at a favorite pizza place, "The Secret Stash" in Crested Butte.   In the bigger playroom, I put some adhesives that act as chalkboards on one wall and then some photo's of friends and family on another wall.  We laid out a bunch of rugs on the floor, put a craft table with items such as markers, scissors, glue, paper, chalk, etc... After the time I spent today and what Andrew and I did yesterday, the girls are extremely happy.  They are listening to my iPod, writing on the chalk board, cutting paper like champs, making crafts.  What a relief to have them happily occupied, not begging for TV.  The Kids Stash still needs some more work, mainly floor covering (this room used to be a bathroom but has been stripped of all pieces except the pipes and radiator) and then some pillows and cushions.  In time, we will have the rival to The Secret Stash's Kids Stash in Crested Butte!

On Sunday, Ella and I also made it to the market.  Ella and I left shortly after breakfast in search of fruits, veggies, and another colorful tapestry for the Kids Stash walls.  We had found the tapestry and some strawberries, but mostly we found some tasty panini's and sugar and butter crepes.  The rest of the day progressed with playing in the playroom, baths, dinner and some books before bed.

I went to bed last night pretty late - just wasn't tired for some reason.  I had spoken with my sister Kim and my brother-in-law Tom and it just kept my mind reeling with updates and relief to have finally caught up with them.  So when my loud iPod alarm went off at my pre-selected time of 6:45 a.m., I was pretty tired.  But, I bounded out of bed, ready to start this new week that would bring new and exciting adventures.  I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, let the shower water warm up for a few minutes and then about 5 minutes into my shower, Andrew came into the bathroom and said, "Kate, what the heck are you doing?"  I was like, "Um, showering, starting my day, need to get going and get the kids up for school!"  And he said, "Well, it is 4:45 a.m. - what the heck are you doing?"  At first I didn't believe him and wondered why he wasn't getting up too, why he had gone back to bed.  But then I realized he was serious, but having been totally wet in the shower with shampoo in my hair, I had to finish this up.  Initially, I was confused, but then when I realized how ridiculous this all was and what Andrew must have been thinking, I couldn't stop giggling.  I tried, but I couldn't stop.  And then I couldn't stop thinking about why Andrew hadn't stopped me like, I don't know, 15 minutes earlier when I was getting out of bed?  Why did he wait through an alarm clock sounding, a toilet flush, a 5 minute teeth-brushing, and 5 minutes into my shower to alert me that I was out of my mind?  I couldn't figure it out.  Maybe he was just having a good time with it.  Or maybe he slept through most of it.  Anyway, what a funny way to start my day.  I got back into bed with a wet head and my pajamas and fell asleep eventually. You are probably wondering what happened to my alarm clock - why did it go off 2 hours early?  Well, I am 99.9% sure the girls were fiddling with my iPod docking station/alarm clock while they were doing crafts yesterday.  Either that, or the pigeons got pissed that I covered the windows and they conspired to make a fool of me.

Pictured above: The tapestry covered walls of the Kids Stash, Andrew and Grace in the Kids Stash, The playroom with craft table (notice the iPod alarm clock in the corner...), and the chalkboard made from adhesives.


  1. What a great idea to re-create the "Stash"! You are so creative!! A girl after my own heart!!

  2. Thanks! Today - I buy carpet and tonight the girls and I are having pizza and cookies in the Stash. They are sooo excited : )