Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009: Please, Arrête the Wet!

One might think that since Grace is now coming home for nap time, she would be without potty accidents. After all, she had a potty-accident free week last week at home and she told me that she is happy she gets to come home with me after lunch to take naps and play. But alas!  She had two potty accidents today.  One walking home from school after I picked her up from lunch.  And she wet her bed during nap time - probably because she slept so hard - it was a 3 hour nap.  At times I find it frustrating that she is unable to tell me what is causing the problem.  When I ask her why she doesn't just go to the potty instead of peeing in her pants, she just stares at me or looks away. It's like I am talking to someone who can't hear what I am saying.  I know that her inability to express her feelings about this issue are due to her age and probably a little embarrassment.  But how much easier would it be if she could just give me the low-down?  It could go something like this:

Mom: "Grace, why are you peeing in your pants?"

Grace: "Mom, I am sad and I don't want to be in France. I want to go home to Colorado.   So sometimes, out of frustration, I pee in my pants.  I know it upsets you and daddy and my teachers and maybe if I keep peeing in my pants, you will eventually decide that the only way to stop it is by taking me back to Colorado."

Grace: "Mom, when I pee my pants it is because I am unable to feel the urge to pee.  I think I have a medical problem and would be best served by a doctor's appointment."


Grace: "Mom, I have an aversion to the toilet.  I am scared of it because one time, when I was a baby, I fell in and my bottom got all wet.  Ever since, I don't like to pee. So I hold my pee until the very, very last minute, I avoid the potty as much as possible.  Once I can't hold it any longer, I decide I better go, but then sometimes I can't make it to the bathroom on time."


Grace: "Mom, I am just having such a darn good time with everything, who has time to go to the bathroom every other hour?"

That would be great, wouldn't it?  If you could just ask a toddler a simple question and get back an honest, simple answer?  In the meantime, while the technology world invents a toddler-translate software for my Apple, I will have to continue guessing (or not) about what the problem could be and what to do next.  Take her to the doctor? Let time ride it out?  See if a few weeks at home with boring mommy change her mind and her pee habits? I suppose I'll have to sit on it for a little while.

This morning I met my new friend for a quick coffee.  Today she told me about some great local parks that I can take the girls to and also shared the name of her family's general practitioner. What a help she has been!  Apparently, the season is beginning here in France for garage-type sales.  Large lots are set aside in villages, people sign up in advance to sell, and then they publish a book that people buy to see what sales are going on where from spring to fall.  So she and I may go early on Sunday morning for one that is supposed to be large and junk-resistent. That'll no doubt be a good blog, so stay tuned!  

For Saturday, I think we'll take a short day-trip to Honfleur.  It is about 60 km from Caen.   The port-side village is well known for it's beautiful architecture and has been painted by many artists including Claude Monet.  It also has the largest church in France that is made out of wood. The weather is expected to be chilly and rainy on Saturday, so best to stick close to home but not get stuck inside all day.

This afternoon, I finally caved in and bought the girls some new shoes.  Way over-priced but they are nice quality and more like what the other kids are wearing at school.  It was a shame when Grace peed on hers just moments after buying them : )  I fit in a strength training workout while Grace was napping.  After realizing I had no dumb bells or weights, I decided to use red wine bottles for my weights and Ella's jump rope for some cardio work.  Not ideal, but it worked!

Tomorrow is Friday. Yay!  My plans at the moment are to spend an hour at The Pavement, buy Andrew some new shirts (he has holes in most of his from wearing them for the last 20 years), and who knows what else. 

A demain!

p.s. There has been a very loud, annoying beeping going on across the whole town center of Caen for the last 2 hours. A sound similar to a smoke alarm going off.  I am beginning to hear some irritation in the streets, some screaming, some yelling.  And I am on the verge of going nuts - I can't concentrate on anything!  I fear that a huge public outcry in the streets of Caen my erupt. Check for any developments.

Pictured above: This is a picture of a time that Grace was sleeping so hard in her car seat that she had an accident.

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  1. Maybe she peed in her carseat because she was freezing in her bathing suit!!!! My heart goes out to her - she will outgrow it! Take pictures of the new shoes - and how is Andrew's back with the new mattress topper?