Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009: Let Er' Rip!

OK.  Truth be told, my running may not be much of a rip these days.  Maybe just a slow tear.  But this morning I had a great run and I am pleased to report that I found other runners!  At least a dozen of them sited, maybe more.  There is a horse racing track in Caen that I decided to visit during my run and it was here that I spotted my fellow pavement members.  Maybe I am not so different!  I have just been running in the wrong place and at the wrong time of day.  I was so excited at the vision of this wide-open track and supporters in my midst, I ripped (or slowly tore) around the track twice before heading back home.  The distance of the track is unknown to me - let's just be technical and call it "big".  The French-American gap of differences are slowly dwindling as I live here longer and figure stuff out.

Our walk to school this morning was quite the vision!  All three of the girls were definitely feeling sassy and cool in their new shoes.  They held hands, walked slowly, turned heads on the way to school because of their impeccable behavior.  In one respect, I was very happy and optimistic about them growing into their environment.  But then my gloomy side pictured something similar to the nice, calm weather encountered just before a tornado hits.  The calm before the storm.   Oh well.  I'll just enjoy these moments at the moment and worry about the rest later!

Pictured above: The well-behaved brood walking to school this morning.


  1. Adorable - there will not be a tornado!!!

  2. Quel joli trio !

    Et oui, vivre à Caen, we can... mais avec un bon manteau :-/