Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 3-4, 2009: Rainstorms and Mice and Everything Nice

March 3-4: Having a space in your home that you are excited to go to, spend time in, relax in, be silly in, read in, be creative in - it is part of what makes home a "home".  Some people feel most relaxed and happy in their kitchens, others on their decks  or even in a little, crazy nook unique to your home.  In Colorado, that place for me was the living room.  I loved to lye on the couch and look up through the windows in the high ceiling and watch the clouds roll by during the day and the stars and moon shimmer at night. I would read there, nap there, watch TV there, relax there.  Here in Caen, I really want that for my children.  As you may know, Andrew and I have allocated a "playroom" for them and then the three of them sleep in one room together.  They were very excited about sleeping together in a house covered with vines and sleeping together in one big line (Madeline, of course!).  I was concerned about this cold-dorm type sleeping arrangement, but it seemed worth a try for the sake of a dedicated playroom.  Having a few weeks under our belt, it is safe to say that this arrangement is doable.  Mia has the gift of gab and will talk till dawn but usually the others tire and fall asleep, to which she then talks herself to sleep.  They seem comforted with each other's company.  So now I have decided to work on making the playroom the exciting, relaxing, creative room that it can be for the girls.  Yesterday, I put some finishing touches on the Kids Stash, by installing floor covering, some string lights and adding lots of cushions and pillows.  I still want to add some more wall covering on one small wall and add more pillows for the ultimate cushy experience, but for now it looks really fun and funky and the girls love it!  In the bigger playrooom, I added more chalkboard stick-ons on the wall and added photos to make a Wall of Fame where all of our friends, relatives and other notables will be portrayed.  Eventually, I would like to add a comfy futon and some kid chairs and some magnetic stips on the walls so the girls can portray their drawings, artwork, etc...When they get home from school or have a day off, I really want them to be excited about this room, be occupied and injected with creativity - in other words, not desiring Sponge Bob on the boob tube.  So if you have any suggestions, please send them along!

Last evening, there was some major spitting rain and wind that lasted most of the night.  It seems to rain here most days, sometimes just misting, but last night was the first stormy rain I have encountered.  I went to bed just fine, but around 2:00 a.m. I woke up to drip, drip, drip and tiny feet scuffling across the floor.  Don't worry, this was not happening IN our room.  It was happening ABOVE our room.  It sounded like a window was leaking or the roof and it was bothering the teeny mice who were trying to get some rest and had to keep shuffling around to find dry space.  For about 2 hours I was up worrying that the ceiling would cave in or the mice would find a hole and come visit my toes.  Only when I told myself this building is basically from 1520 and has probably encountered many a rain and mice family over the past 500 years did I find myself relieved enough to fall asleep.  But I was going to call this building owner ASAP in the morning and request a speedy visit from Terminex and Le Roofers.

Today was Wednesday, the day the girls have off from school.  Last evening, after I picked the girls up from school, they were in rare form. We went to pick up dinner and the three of them managed to fight over a bag of pasta (which I had asked them to not touch anything) and tear the bag and spill it all over the whole floor of the store.  Then all three of them had temper tantrums when we left the store, fits of rage with tears - thank goodness we live just across the street.  There was more, but you get the picture.  So today, I had told them not to expect any fancy outings as their behavior was going to have to improve before I took them anywhere ever again.  They started out OK today, and actually Ella did great.  But Grace and Mia digressed and were wreaking havoc right and left. So after our small walk to the grocery store, we basically kept our troubled selves at home.

A highlight of today was our pizza party at the Kids Stash.  When Andrew got home from work, we celebrated the opening of the "Caen Kids Stash" by eating pizza in the tiny, little room.  It was great fun.  All three girls proclaimed that they want to have their birthday parties at the Kids Stash - small but free so sure thing!

Tomorrow brings Thursday. The kids are back at school so what will I do? Hmmm...relax, I think.  Am I allowed to do that?

Pictures above: The playrooom, Ella lounging in the Kids Stash, the line of beds, and the high window I used to gaze out of when lying on the couch in Colorado.


  1. I was thinking that maybe you could have the girls write their own "blog" could ask them questions every day about their experiences, and then keep a journal or blog for them. They might really enjoy hearing about it when they are older.
    Also, how are the twins doing in school? How is their French??

  2. well, I have to start to let all of you know what is really going on!!!! I have to start with the super jpb Kate and Andy are doing - not easy with the girl's grandparents away - of course we were sooooo helpful - Mia gained about 29 lbs of hot chocolate, but Ella learned to speak in French sentences and to corral all the boys on the playground before school - they would gather around and she would laugh at their comments - having no idea what they were saying - after the first couple of days she did understand and was still laughing - we were so happy to share the ongoing adventure and will write more about all when we "wake up" after landing in Phoenix last night! Love you all S&P

  3. Blog entries for the girls is a great idea! Maybe I will post occasionally with questions that we ask the girls or questions you all want us to ask them and then we will type their answers.
    The twins are doing well in school - meaning, their teachers have not thrown them out, they haven't had any potty accidents, they seem happy when I pick them up. I have no idea if they are actually learning anything! Even without trying, I know they are learning something everyday, maybe just not the text book type stuff. They respond to me when I talk to them in French, but they don't typically speak in French. So for now they must be soaking up what they hear their teacher and classmates say, but not really saying it back, yet.