Saturday, March 21, 2009

You have to try new things....

Yes, it's true, you should always try new things.  For me, this is really easy - except, when it's not.  I have an unusual situation out here in France as it relates to my clothes.  Virtually everything except my 12 favorite shirts, three pairs of pants, and two jackets (now one because the other one was stolen when my car was busted into in The Netherlands) is gone.  Gone in that either I gave it to Goodwill before I left Colorado or gone in that it still remains there.  So - what is a guy to do when he needs a few new shirts???

Today was sort of a free day for the Haverkampfs.  I took the girls on a mini adventure - we rode the town tram (nicknamed by me as the Twisto) from our apartment to Ifs.  Nothing special really about Ifs, except of course that it's the "end of the line" for the tram when you travel South from downtown Caen.  After getting back home, I dropped the kids off (no, not in that way :-), and went out to get a haircut and hopefully a few shirts.

The haircut turned out to be no big deal.  Luckily, my hairstyle is pretty simple.  Luckier still, the guy cutting my hair spoke perfect French, so we were able to communicate with no problems (no, I didn't mean to say English - luckily for a guy with short hair needing a haircut, there isn't much lost in translation).  After a quick cut, wash, blow-dry, and gel I headed out for a few shirts.

Shopping in Caen is just like shopping anywhere else in the globe.  Stores with lots of things - employees hoping you'll buy something.  My trip to H&M was disappointing - but I found some great things at the store next door.  A few shirts - grey, brown, and black - and a jacket (to replace the stolen one) and I was on my way.  Notice the colors - or rather lack of them - in my choices.  No way I was picking out the latest pink, green, and blue - everyone here is all about the funeral colors...

Later in the day, Kate and I were getting ready for our outing to meet some ex-pat families and their kids in the town next door.  Of course, I decided to wear one of my new shirts.  Unlucky for me, I have the terrible habit of not trying on things before I buy...  Turns out, the brown long-sleeved t-shirt with an embroidered collar was way too tight (showing off my ever growing man boobs - a result of too many steaks and fries for lunch) and the slit down the front showed off way too much of my patchy chest hair.  The gray was not much better because the twelve buttons down the front made it look like I was wearing Kate's favorite moc-T.  I was luckier with the new black short sleeve button-down - I hope it goes well with my new black jacket....

So - what in the world am I talking about when I say that you should try new things??  Honestly, I'm not really sure.  Maybe I'm saying to myself, "Andrew, get a couple new shirts and no matter what they look like, wear them outside"; maybe it's, "get a haircut from a guy who doesn't speak your language but has a similar hairstyle"; or maybe it's "take your wife and kids to a pot-luck appetizer party even if you know your kids will attempt to eat all the food" - I really don't know.  What I do know is that meeting German ex-pats living in France and speaking to Chinese citizens who only speak French is easier than wearing tight, new, brown, embroidered t-shirts with long slits down the front - showing off my chest hair for everyone to see.  Cheers - Andrew


  1. This is funnier than the Pigeon porno one!!! You need to take Kate to buy your clothes or sos me!!!

  2. Such is the difference between men and women! I remember taking Kristen shopping for a dress for some party, and after being at the mall, or where ever for the DAY, she would end up wearing something she already had at home.....Alex on the other hand, would have to be dragged to the store, would settle on the FIRST shirt, slacks, sewater, etc, and we would be home in 1/2 hour....and I would have to stand over him to make sure he tried on the items!! And then there is Remy.....when we met he was wearing those tight fitting chest hair showing shirts, and speedo type swimming trunks!! It took him years to lose the international look!! Soooo, when in France do as the French do and show that hint of chest hair!!