Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 6 - 7, 2009: Beach Bums

April 6 - 7, 2009:

On Monday, April 6 the weather was beautiful.  Sunny, mild and blue skies.  The girls and I decided to head to another one of the Normandy beaches while the weather was cooperating.   Juno Beach in Courseulles-sur-mer was liberated by the Canadians just hours after the invasion began early on June 6, 1944, defeating the Germans.  By the evening of June 6, over 21,500 men had landed at Juno Beach!  Juno Beach has quite a memorial built dedicated to the Canadians.  There is a long pathway that has stops with benches and information on the benches and pillars.  An old tank, a huge cross and some remnants of bunkers were some of the highlights that the girls enjoyed. 

We arrived in Courseulles-sur-mer around lunch time, just in time to enjoy our Camembert and butter sandwiches on the beach.  The view was beautiful but the bugs were buggin' so we didn't last long along the water.

After our trip to Courseulles-su-mer, we stopped off at a park and then drove along the coast about 2 miles to Saint-Aubin-sur-mer.  Here, we walked along a pretty boardwalk with lots of rental homes and restaurants - yet to be frequented as the high season has not started.  However, there were quite a few people on the beach, enjoying low tide and sunny skies.  We stopped and looked at another bunker with some kind of artillery in tact and some other dedications to the troops who fought on this Normandy beach on June 6, 1944.  Of course, we also had to stop and get the girls some ice cream for an afternoon treat.  We must've stopped at the nicest restaurant at the end of the boardwalk, because they ended up with huge sundaes and I ended up with a hefty bill!  It doesn't matter - they were relatively well-behaved and thoroughly enjoyed this unexpected treat.

After this sugar-filled snack and the late afternoon time, they were all having trouble keeping up their good behavior.  We headed back home and all three of them fell asleep.  We had a nice day - definitely the prettiest one we have seen since living here in Caen!

On Tuesday, we decided to let the day play out as it wanted.  No formal plans or field trip on the schedule.  The day actually ended up staying indoors at the apartment.  The girls and I created some very bad replica comstumes of Pac Man and his Ghosts.  They must've played this game for hours - is just didn't get old for them!  They also were happy to watch some T.V. and do arts and crafts.  Each time I suggested an outing, they wanted to go and put their Pac Man costumes back on!  So I let them keep at it. Why mess when they are content?  

For dinner, we went to a restaurant I had discovered that looked family friendly.  It was called Oncle Scotts, which seems to be a chain started by and American and a Frenchman.  It had a country motif with country music.  The place was pretty empty and the food was decent so not too bad for wanting to get out of the house for a meal.  We'll probably go back - the girls will definitely want to go back due to the large sack of gummy candies there were handed on their way out the door!

Tomorrow will be Wednesday, just two days before we depart for Paris to begin out adventure to Turkey.  I feel a little unsettled about the chaos Obama is causing in Turkey, just before we arrive there for our family holiday.  It seems odd about his timing and ours.  I just pray the crazies keep themselves in check while we are in their country!


  1. I think Obama is back home, so the excitement should have died down by the time you get to Turkey. Have fun!!!!

  2. What a fun time you are having - the girls look super - Barack is back here, so all should be ok!