Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 10, 2009: A Mother's Day

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there!  I hope you all had great days that had at least one, even small, gesture of appreciation for the great work you do.  Now I am no fool and neither are you.  You know that some days, you feel unappreciated, undervalued, overlooked and overexposed.  And even though today is Mother's Day, it doesn't mean that your favorite band was booked for a private performance, a gourmet meal was made for you or you got a day to yourself at the spa.  You may have only gotten a Happy Mother's Day and a hug but believe me. No matter the size of the celebration  you are appreciated so much!  Mothers around the world unite today in a universal hug of understanding.  So great job, mommies!!!

My day happened to start out great.  I was allowed to sleep in.  This has become my unstated gift each Mothers Day.  I know when I go to sleep the night before that I will get to sleep in the next day.  Why is this so great?  Mostly because since I was born I have been a go-to-bed-late and a get-up-late person.  And even a go-to-bed-early and get-up-late person.  Andrew has been a go-to-bed-early and get-up-early person and a go-to-bed-late and a get-up-early person. Over the years I have adapted pretty well to getting up early.  I mean I still hit the snooze button if I can sneek a few more minutes and that drives Andrew CRAZY!  But all in all, I get up way earlier every single day then I would ever choose.  So, this makes getting to sleep in on Mother's Day a very sweet treat.  And each year, it get's better and better for some reason.  Today was by far the best sleep in ever.  I woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Following my 9:30 a.m. wake up (by choice, mind you) I was presented with a lovely necklace by the girls and a really cute card.  Andrew did a great job preparing a special gift for me with the girls.  For some reason, today feels like my first real Mother's Day.  I know I have been a mother for almost 6 years now but today is a celebration at a whole different level.  Up until 5 years ago I was working full-time, traveling for work, leaning on my husband and family and nanny and babysitters for support.  And that was all fine.  But when it came to Mother's Day, I felt like the most thanks should be going to my nanny.  She was a brilliant caregiver and pseudo mother to my children and on Mother's Day I really wanted to give her a cake and a trip to the spa - she basically nurtured my children and gave them hugs and kisses and naps 85% of their lives.  Then we moved to Colorado and had to part ways with our family and nanny and babysitters and that was hard.  But I was still working full-time and traveling for work and the girls were either at kindergarten or daycare or with Andrew.  Then, Andrew basically was in Caen, France for 3 months, I had quit my job and I was caring for the girls full time and tending to their daily needs.  Finally, we moved to France and while Andrew has been our biggest support while living here, I now see myself as the "nanny" of our children, helping them navigate their way through a challenging and sometimes difficult life in a new country.  Months of walking the girls to and from school, buying our groceries for meals, doing our laundry, doing the ironing, doing the dishes, cleaning our house, taking the girls on adventures on Wednesdays - all these things have made me feel like I have personally earned my Mother's Day celebration.  Please don't get me wrong!  I loved working, I love working and I support all of you moms that make either choice to work or stay home.  It's just that today, based on my life experiences, I feel truly able to celebrate being a mother unlike any other year prior.  Like I have earned my "badge" so to speak.  And I am proud!  

I'll bet that each of you have those years - at least I am hoping you do.  I know some days I don't feel like I deserve the mother of the year award but other days I think I would be a pretty good contender.  But isn't it all worth it when your child(ren) give you a great big hug and kiss and say they love you?  Unexpectedly, to boot!

Good job, mommies.  And don't forget how much the daddies help to make your family so great.  Let them "sleep in" or whatever it is they way on Father's Day.

Pictured above: The girls and I standing in front of a historic Chateau in Suisse Normande today.

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  1. You are one super Mom!!! You really need a bucket hat however - I will send you one - you and Ella are looking like twins - what happened to Gaga and Ella twins? They are growing up so fast - put on the brakes for a few weeks until we get there!!!