Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12, 2009: My Cooking Makes You Sick? Phew!

Just when you think the flu has vanished...it comes back and in harsher appearance just so you don't ever doubt it's strength, again.  Yep, Ella had the stomach flu last week. She woke up with it very early Thursday morning and I stayed up with her through those early hours as she puked and made visits to the toilet.  It's funny though.  All the while as she is getting sick, she still sees a ray of sunshine in the fact that I let her sleep on the couch and I slept on the couch, too.  She is shivery and pale and unable to hold down water, yet she is thanking me for letting her sleep on the couch.  I sure wish I was that easy to please when I am sick!

Anyway, just about 1 hour ago, Grace came out of bed to inform us that she was about to throw up.  So I got her to the bathroom just in time and sure enough, she got very sick.  When I informed the school's secretary last week that Ella was sick with the stomach flu and wouldn't be at school on Thursday, she reported that it was going around the school.  But I seriously thought that the flu would have been eradicated by now.  So, now Grace has it and I am praying that Mia does not get it next but I really have no idea how she won't get it.  The worst part of this (yes, the girls being sick is bad for them and I feel awful) is that my sister is arriving tomorrow.  She is leaving her sons Jordan and Cooper in Chicago, taking time off from her job, leaving her husband, the comforts of home, to fly across the world to come visit her little sister.  And she comes all this way to come to a flu-infested home?  What if she gets here and I have to stay home all day with a sick child and she doesn't get to see or experience Caen?  Worse yet, what if SHE gets the flu and she has flown all the way here just to be sick?  Or what if I get the flu and I am a big downer?   So many variables, yet I am hoping for the best outcome.  That the reason Grace threw up tonight was for the reason that she stated when Andrew asked her why she was sick. She said, "The french toast at dinner was not so good."  I don't typically like the dinner's I make to be criticized by the eaters, but in this case I will take all credit for a bad meal if it means a nice, healthy visit with my sister.

Around noon tomorrow, my sister should arrive on the train from Paris into Caen. I am absolutely thrilled that she is coming (can you tell?) as she is my first family member to come visit us in France.  All that I am perplexed about is what to choose about where to take her to visit, what restaurants to narrow down, what shopping to fit in during the trip.  We only have 5 days and there are about 700 days worth of things to do and she probably wants to relax a bit, so the math is hard here.  I can't wait to share how things go and what we do!  No matter what, you can be sure it will be another adventure.

Pictured above: My sister Kim and me; Grace at a moment of car-sickness.


  1. Well - you have to take in the pate store around the corner, the chocolate store with calvados filled chocolates, the wonderful clothing store around the corner - Tourista Cafe and all the fun places we visited with you!!!

  2. Well at least I know you made it to Caen ! This is your husband that is already lonely that we were left behind to enjoy raining and cold Chicago without mom ! All is great ! We went to the bookfair and were able to get all the books on the wish list ! Can't wait to hear more about the travel across the pond !

  3. I made it here safe for sure! And - happy to report - no more sick girlies! Had a nice espresso at Tourista Cafe, Suzie.

    All is well!

  4. Kim and Kate... check out our sbcglobal email about a room in paris for Monday night and let me know your thoughts.