Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009: Brace(let) Yourself

Today may have been one of the most beautiful days yet here in Normandy since arriving in February.  The skies were blue with few clouds, the temperature was very comfortable at around 70 and there was no wind to be felt.  After having spent what feels like most of the past 4 days inside we needed a good hearty day in the outdoors.  

Grace and Ella have been so sick lately with flus of all kinds and I am not sure what it is about France that is bringing this about.  Regardless, I took this long school break to keep them relatively low key and well rested and see if I could get these bugs out of them.  The bad part about staying low key is the drive-me-nuts factor of staying indoors.  And I am sure the same goes for the girls.

We decided to head to Arromanches today.  Arromanches is the location of "Port Winston", which was an artificial harbor built to bring in supplies and protect the landings of millions of soldiers during June 1944.  I had heard about the remnants of this harbor just lingering in the water and the tides quick move and had wanted to see it for myself.  So we set off around 10:45 a.m., after a long session of hama bead crafting, and arrived in Arromanches around 11:30 a.m.  We grabbed a quick bite for lunch and then started to walk along the beach and visiting various sites set up along the town.  There was a big tank, some historic artillery, stories of the artificial harbor's conception and the best part for sure was the train ride around the village.  There was a 360 degree cinema of the story of Arromanches and a museum but I know way better than to take three young children into these types of cinemas or any museum that doesn't have flashing disco lights and huge cartoons jumping off the walls.  So unfortunately I don't really get to see these types of historical bits.  But the good news is that when visitors come, and they want to see the D-Day beaches of Normandy, I will be able to see the museums for the first time just like them. In the meantime, I just do my tutorials of history on the internet.

Around 3:oo p.m. we were ready for some tasty ice cream and then a trip to a park we had seen. This took us until 4:45 p.m. and after lots of nagging I finally got the girls in the car to come home.  They just had so much fun today because they were feeling better (right now, I hear Mia coughing...she must be next in line for sickness), the weather was great and there was plenty to keep them occupied and happy.

Now, let's revisit my blog from yesterday where I stated that I was going to don a bracelet to help me keep my "no" quota in check.  I still have this bracelet on because it really has helped in many ways with the kids.  For instance, I rethink the reason I might be saying "no" before I say it and it has reminded me to be more light-hearted and upbeat instead of frustrated throughout the day.  So overall this bracelet has been a good idea.  It will remain on my wrist for the next few days.  And I can see how this may even help in other ways in my life - not the "bracelet" so much but a constant, visable reminder of a goal you are trying to achieve but can easily forget if not reminded about it always and often.  Try it yourself!

This coming week includes a field trip to a farm for Grace and Ella and I will accompany.  I also plan to look into taking French classes at the local university this coming fall.  Something for the girls to do this summer - some kind of activity or classes  - is also a priority.  Lastly, the babysitter I met on Saturday was too cute and sweet and just perfect for the girls.  They already invited her to come back to Colorado with them.  So I will try to find a way to get her back this week.  Now I just need to find something to do myself with Andrew out of town!

Pictured Above: Grace, Mia and Ella looking out over Arromanches; A song about Arromanches that is posted largely in the village; the last three are pictures of the girls dressing up in their new Disney costumes during the many days of staying and playing inside.


  1. You are amazing, Kate!! Great job!!

  2. What a great idea with the bracelet. I'm doing some similar stuff myself so it feels very familiar!

    It's nice to "see" you blogging again. The girls still miss your girls terribly! And I can't wait to catch up when you visit...