Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009: Monkey Business

Well, today was a fun adventure.  We went to a park in the Suisse Normande area which is known for it's hills and "mountains" and hikes through green valleys.  The park we choose was called Orne Adventure located in Roche d'Oetre.  Specifically, the park is known for it's ropes courses that swing you through trees!  The lowest age limit was 5 years old so Grace and Mia and I watched as Ella and Andrew took some quick lessons and then were off like monkeys!  Ella had so much fun.  I was amazed how quickly she learned to hook and unhook her clips and all the other rules you have to follow to make sure you stay safe up in the trees.  Grace and Mia were very jealous but they did really well being patient and watching.  After Ella and Andrew did the two lower level courses, we sat down to a picnic.  From there we watched Andrew do his ropes course. It takes a lot of courage to get way high up and use your balance and keep your cool and he did really great!  Mind you, I have never seen Andrew really afraid of anything until today.  He was truly afraid of some of those stunts but I knew he loved being afraid of it!  Next time I will definitely go, too.  There is another park similar to this that has stuff for 3 years and up so we can all participate if we head there next time.  All in all, a fun day!

Tonight, I am happy to report that I made my first loaf of bread here in France.  NOW I finally feel like I am home!  I also made some rhubarb crumble and some roasted chicken so we had a tasty dinner.  Now all of us can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and have sliced homemade bread for breakfast.  Just like back in Colorado!

Just 4 more days until my sister Kim arrives to visit here in Caen.  I can't wait!!! 


  1. sounds like a fabulous day and your bread looks yummy as well!