Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009: After a Rainy May, Il Fait du Soleil!

Today is another beautiful day here in Caen.  My notions of a rainy, dreary town are quickly being disproven by days and days of sunny, happy weather.  In this case, I LOVE to be proven wrong! Blue skies, slight breeze, warmth - all these things prompted all three girls to wear pretty dresses to school today.  They looked pretty darn cute with Gaga-inspired Lilly Pulitzer dresses and selections chosen from a fantastic assortment of bows but for sure their teachers must be wondering what the occasion is?  I told them to tell anyone who asked why they looked so nice today that is was because it is June.  C'est Juin!  Je l'adore!  Who needs an occasion to look fancy, other than it just being June, if it makes you happy?  Why not, right?  I think reading Fancy Nancy books over and over again is rubbing off on all of us.  If you read Andrew's recent post, you would know that he is included as per the colorfully French outfit he wore to a recent wedding.  I had to giggle when I saw it...it just surprised me!  But I was proud of him for stepping outside of his blue shirt and khaki pants mantra.

Last week I took the girls on a few field trips.  I accompanied Mia's class on a trip to a Goat Farm.  Ella's class also went to the Goat Farm, but I felt like Mia would benefit from my presence more than Ella.  The classes all boarded a huge tourist type bus and the chaperones drove separately.  I had volunteered to drive a few other mothers so myself and three French mommies boarded the CTA bus.  I knew having a CTA bus here in France would come in handy! Times like this, being surrounded by only French speakers, are such a gift for me.  I can listen, try to learn and then also try to speak.  I had a great time with these mothers - getting lost 10 times while driving through the grassy fields of Normandy wasn't so bad!  One of the mothers had asked me if I like to do any sports.  The first sport that I listed was running.  Surprisingly, the mother also ran with a few friends at that nearby horse track that I have mentioned before.  She invited me to come with her.  We met up this morning after taking the kids to school and took a few laps around the track.  It was really nice.  Again, 98% of the conversation takes place in French so I feel like I accomplished many things already this morning.  French school and making friends.  We are going to meet up again on Thursday and this time try to push ourselves to do an additional lap.  What fun to have found a running partner!

As far as the girls go, all is well.  Mia has a cough - she always seems to get sick about 1-2 weeks after Ella and Grace.  But she seems fine and slowly recovering.  Ella has made it 3 nights now without wetting her bed so that is quite fabulous.  And also, Grace begged us to let her try sleeping without a diaper and SHE has made it two nights now without wetting the bed.  Isn't that great?  I can't wait to stop buying diapers!

The latest favorite activities for the girls around the house are the same.  They love to dress up and sing and dance!  There was one last room in Mia's bedroom that was not being used. It used to be a bathroom many years ago, but today it is just an empty, grey tiled, white walled closet type space.  I decided to decorate it and make a Costume Room where they can hang up there costumes, store jewelry and shoes and scarves, etc..  I added a sitting chair and some decorative mirrors and some sheer curtains decorated with fake flowers and flower petals.  And they love the room.  It's funny to watch their moods.  One day they want to be princesses, they next day they want to be gymnasts and the next ballerina's.  They could go at this for days on end never leaving the apartment.  Fortunately for them, their mother can't stay holed up in the apartment, so she drags them out into the world from time to time.

Around Caen, all the talk is about Obama's upcoming visit.  From what I can gather, some seem to be highly irritated by all the activity.  Others understand just how big of a deal it is to have the president visit and understand all the precautions and preparations taking place.  There are barricades and police cars and temporary fences being placed everywhere.  Hotel rooms are tripled in price.  Weekend travel out or into Caen is probably ill-advised as traffic is expected to come to a halt.  We asked our sommelier at dinner the other night if Obama was planning on coming to eat at the restaurant and he said he couldn't say anything about it. Hmmmm.

Andrew is gone today and tomorrow.  I don't really have any plans other than getting the house clean, doing laundry - all that fun stuff.  See!  An elegant life I live here in France.

My parents 46th wedding anniversary was yesterday.  My mom told me that my dad gave her a dozen red roses.  I thought that was sweet!  Happy Anniversary to you guys and can't wait to see you in July. And Happy Birthday to my brother Kurt today, he turns 36!

Till next time!


  1. What fun to have the girls all dressed up - we can't wait to see you - so happy you are meeting new friends - school is a super spot as they are looking for friends as well!

  2. Another great blog, Kate. How wonderful that you are making new friends...sports is a great conduit! I miss those girls...can't wait to see them!!