Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2009: Where to Begin?

Goodness. Time sure does fly by when you are having fun! My last blog post was about July 9 when we took a trip to a nearby zoo. Since then, our days have continued to be filled! We've been to beaches galore, castles galore, churches galore, abbeys galore and then even more. We've hit a casino, taken the Twisto, attended playdates, had many a picnic, and gone shopping. We've eaten tons of crepes and galettes, bought tons of fresh veggies and fruits, had lots of laughs, and late nights filled with euchre and farkle. We've driven miles and miles across Normandy, done many arts and crafts, gone fossil hunting, and had many skype conversations with family. And now tomorrow, I will be taking my parents to Paris, where we will spend the day and night, before they head back to Indiana on Tuesday.

It's been a great visit. I know this because as I sit here and type this blog, I am also making a movie/slideshow for my parents to take home that contains almost 1,000 photographs that we have captured during our last 3 weeks together. And each photo makes me smile!

The past few weeks I have been a very lame blogger! My only reason for that is because, as you know, I am a night owl. A night owl on their own can blog like crazy. A night owl not on their own but with two other night owls (my parents) gets no blog done. Rather, they have busy days and then manage to play lots of cards and dice til the wee hours! And then the blog becomes the next day's task, then the next days task, etc...So, don't worry, my blog will continue! But I think you might need to wait until after my parents have left French soil to get anything solid and meaningful out of me.

Look for posts soon and I promise to tell you about some more adventures that I took with my parents and share some great pictures. And now, I am happy to say that this euchre-playin, foie-gras eatin, clothes-foldin, toy-picker-upper is heading to bed!

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  1. thanks for the update - didn't want to bug you and knew you were over your head!!! So happy you had such a super time with your parents - next visit, I promise not to be sick!!!