Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 2, 2009: Your Giving Me the Crepes

Thursday, July 2 was the last day for the girls at school. They wanted to wear their best dresses and really look spiffy at their last sendoff until the next school year started. My parents and I got the girls ready for school and off we went on this monumental day. It really is monumental. Four months ago I was wondering if the girls might last at school for just one more day, day after day. Then I began to wonder if Grace might have to be home schooled and if I would be bringing home a bag of wet napping sheets and clothes when I arrived to pick her up. I often wondered if Ella might tell me one day that she didn't like French school or would have a bad run-in with a teacher of student and get herself in trouble (on purpose). But geez, Andrew and I really lucked out! They managed to make it this whole time. Minor turbulence here and there, but a safe landing. Shew! So as we walked them to school for their last day, I was feeling relief...but also anxiety. What to do with 4 VERY busy, energetic young girls for the next two months?

A little later on that morning, my parents and I decided to conquer the heat and humidity. First we stopped to see the Saint-Pierre Church and then we took a hike up to Willy's Castle (my new, totally uncalled for slang name for William the Conqueror's Castle - Chateau Ducal).

(The huge moat around Willy's Castle.)

(Beautiful stone carvings in the Saint Pierre Church in Caen.)

The church was as beautiful as you might expect. Ironically, this church is diagonal from our apartment and we see it each and every meal when we look out the window and yet I have never visited. The distinct smell was indicative of the churches age (13th century) and the peaceful quiet was very comforting as well was the cool air. All I could think about was how it must feel so amazing to attend this church and see such architectural genius and be part of a place full of centuries of stories - both happy and sad.

Willy's castle was looking the same today except this time I think I saw steam rising from the ground due to the extreme heat and humidity. OK, maybe I was just seeing things but truthfully it was one hot tamale at Willy's house this day. We walked through the grounds, admiring the historical buildings, the massive walls, the deep moat. My dad was completely amazed by the size of the moat and it's depth. Once we arrived at the back of the castle, I took my parents to find shelter by a big fountain. We sat there underneath a big tree for about 20 minutes - just catching our breath and enjoying an ever so slight breeze while staring at the half-functioning fountain. It really was quite nice.

Once rejuvenated, we decided lunch was in order. Now, my father is a HUGE crepe fan. Loves his crepes. So I felt it necessary to begin our crepe-scapade immediately. After all, he only has three weeks to sample France's finest selection of crepes. We went to a restaurant that was new to me but I had heard great thing's from Andrew. La Ficelle serves crepes and gallettes. For those of you new to crepes and gallettes - crepes are typically thinner and filled with sweets such as butter and sugar or confitures, fruits or chocolate. Gallettes are typically firmer and a bit thicker and filled with savories such as ham and cheese and and egg cooked on top, camambert and potatoes or smoked salmon and a creme sauce. Obviously, it would be very typical to start with a gallette for lunch and end with a crepe for dessert. But not my parents! My dad went straight for dessert for lunch and so did my mom. My dad had a crepe filled with pears and topped with chocolate sauce. My mom had a crepe that had a big ole' scoop of ice cream and was topped with caramel and maybe something else. They both liked their selections although my dad is on the hunt for a cherry filled crepe which has yet to be discovered. I had a tasty gallette filled with ham and cheese and egg. I just know that the next few weeks will be filled with crepes and gallettes and that is fine - I have become a big fan!

From lunch, my dad walked home to nap and my mom and I went to walk around and shop. She ended up finding a really cute shirt! Shortly after, it was time to pick up the girls from school. The girls had a great day at school. One might think they would be extra-excited to start summer vacation with a day off...but no! All they could talk about was going back to First Baby's School the next day. But you know what? That is fine with me. I can think of nothing more pleasing than seeing your children become so excited about a learning environment.

Comming Up in the next post: Friday Market Photo's

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