Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25, 2009: Life's a Beach

I don't mean to sound like cheesy bumper sticker, but life really is a beach! Sometimes the water is wavy. Sometimes the water is still. Sometimes there are treasures to be found on the beach. Sometimes there is just the same ole' sand. Sometimes the wind is blowing so hard you don't know if you want to stay at the beach. Sometimes the air is still and calm like a gentle hug. Sometimes you have people sitting next to you that are rude and loud and ruin a perfectly nice day at the beach. Sometimes you meet the person next to you and you become life long friends with a person when you least expected it. Sometimes the clouds come and cover up the sun you were so badly craving. Sometimes, the sun bursts through the clouds and tell them to run along, enough of you for now. Sometimes the rain falls and gets your towel all well and you are freezing. Sometimes, the rain cools you off on a really hot day bringing relief. Sometimes there is a long line of traffic to get into the beach and the waiting is just too much! But sometimes, you wake up early on a beautiful day, you arrive first when the water is calm, the beach is quiet and you just know you have a wonderful day ahead of you.

We all went to the beach today. It was just perfect! Sometimes you go to the beach and it doesn't go quite as well as you would hope. Sometimes it does!

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