Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 3, 2009: A Market Like No Other

Friday, July 3 started with a VERY early morning. For some reason, I had said the girls would arrive at First Baby's School (to be called FBS ongoing in the blog) at 8:00 a.m. which is just absolutely insane. They didn't even have to be at regular school until 8:30 a.m. So I made a mental note to ask the head of FBS if we might be able to change the drop-off time to 9:00 a.m. ongoing. I dropped the girls off at school and not single child was there yet. You should have seen my children just dart off and begin to terrorize the whole place. For a minute there I was worried. But the teachers looked at me with understanding - maybe the fact that I told them Grace and Mia were extra, extra, extra full of energy had sank in. Something had sank in because most people would be running in the opposite direction at the crazed attacks of Grace and Mia. I darted for the door as quickly as I could.

I was able to get a run and some core training in after dropping off the girls. Around 10:30 a.m after I had showered, my parents and I began our walk up to the Friday Market here in Caen. I don't plan to spend much time talking about the market, as the pictures speak for themselves. But I will tell you that I had told my parents they have never seen a market like this. Such fresh, tasty fruits and veggies and the abundance of selection is unheard of back in the United States. The fresh meats and cheeses and fish far exceed what you may know yourself. And I was happy that my parents quite agreed with me. Below are some photo's from Friday's Market:

After the market, we went home where Andrew met us for a nice, tasty spread of fresh fruits and veggies.

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