Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009: Swimmers Ear

Today was an interesting day. It started with dropping off the girls at their last day of First Baby's School. They had on their best dresses and were very excited!

After the drop off, I then went to a friends house for coffee. She is my French friend that I run with during the school year. During the summer it has been difficult to keep running together as she vacations with her family here and there and we have been lucky to have lots of visitors. So we were still unable to find a time to run together but managed to have coffee today before I leave for our Colorado trip on Monday and she leaves, again, for another 3 week vacation. She has a lovely patio and 4 lovely children. Each of them came out, calmly and occasionally, and always came up and said a formal hello and gave me kisses. I thought how completely opposite these children were compared to my own at this present time. And our children are around the same ages. I guess it gives me something to aim for, right? I brought some homemade chocolate chip cookies with me and those seemed to go over well with her kids. Shew! After a few hours of visiting I started for home to straighten up the house and get to the store.

Later in the afternoon I had a hair appointment. I was way past due for some highlights and a cut. Knowing no other place to go, I went back to the only salon I have ever been to in Caen. My first experience went well although I had a really hard time explaining my requirements and I ended up looking like a Kellie Pickler wanna-be. But all in all, my hair looked OK, no harm done.

So today, I was hoping for the same result. The biggest problem I encounter so far at this salon is that no one speaks English - at least not to me. And I haven't ever really taken the time to brush up on my hair-cutting terminology seeing as how I only have to use it once every 6 months. The woman cutting and coloring my hair today was trying so hard to ask me how I wanted my hair colored. What I really wanted was highlights - the only thing I have ever gotten and the same that I got last time. But she kept asking me, in french, if I wanted my whole head of hair colored or just bits and pieces. She was using gestures to accompany her questions which I did not understand. So I made a choice based on the gesture that seemed to fit closest to "highlights". Or so I thought.

She proceeded to talk in quiet whispers with another lady at the color counter for about 15 minutes, pointing to various color tubes and glancing back at me occasionally. I felt like she was getting her first tutorial on how to color hair. I prayed for any decent color at this point. When she finally came back to begin the color treatment, I decided to just go with the flow. Hair grows out, right? Well, it turned out that I had told her to only color my roots. Instead of giving my hair partial highlights, she was just putting color on about 1 inch of my hair in some places here and there. This is probably a normal thing but something I have never had done and not what I expected and certainly didn't seem worth the money I was spending. But unequipped with any clue on how to say what I actually wanted, I had to sit and deal. I continued to tell her how great it was looking (because I know how to say that in french).

When the color was done and after sitting for my required time, a new woman took me to wash my hair. I have to say that I have never experienced quite a washing. Most hair washes that I have received have been pretty uneventful. Maybe once in a while some suds will get moving down your forehead or a sud will travel to your ear tip. But never in my life have a had a full on ear wash at the hair salon. I was sitting there and was astounded by the level of sud-age in my ears. This woman was going to town on washing my hair - I probably had 3 inches of suds surrounding my skull. And the suds were just piling up in my ears. So then she begins to rinse my head and again, waterfall in my ears. I shut my eyes and pretended I was scuba diving because all I heard was water gushing. Who knew you could get swimmers ear at the hair salon? I didn't say anything to the woman during any of this because I honestly didn't know what to say. How could she be such a horrible hair washer? Isn't that like one of the first things you perfect at a salon before moving onto cutting or coloring? Then I started to wonder if my ears were filthy and she was trying to discreetly wash my ears for me. Because why else would she be piling suds and water into my ears? She washed my hair three times and then conditioned it and each time was a dive in the water. Crazy. Totally crazy!

The good news is that when I finally got back to my chair and the colorist started to blow dry and style my hair, absolutely nothing had occurred. No color change, my roots still were dark. And she cut off so little of my hair that she didn't even charge me for the cut. So in summary, I went to the hair salon today and came home with swimmers ear and not much more.

The girls had a great last day at school. But all they could talk about was how excited they were to go to Colorado. In fact, they didn't want to wait any longer. They wanted to leave right away, today. I tried to explain the whole airfare booking thing, the late fees for changes, why this was just not possible. But that didn't really mean anything to them. When we got back home, we played a game where I began to draw a picture of something beloved from Crested Butte or the surrounding area and the girls had to guess what it was. That was fun and made us all even a bit more excited about our trip home next week.

My oldest sister Kris is officially coming to visit in September so that is very exciting. Two whole weeks she will get with her god-children Grace and Mia. That is more time than she has ever spent with them or Ella or even me for that matter! Being 10 years older than me, we never had the opportunity to be close until we were both adults. I can't wait for her visit!


  1. best thing for sweemers ear is to use fell good :)

  2. The only unanswered question is HOW IS YOUR HAIR????

  3. Oh My Goodness!! You might be the only person who can make me laugh so hard because I can perfectly visualize what's happening. Between this story and the applesauce incident, you've driven my laughter to Looft-tears!

    Can't wait to see you in CB and hear you tell the stories in person!