Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 7, 2009: Rain, Rain Go Away

On Tuesday, July 7, we followed up the previous days chateau escapades with a day at home. We woke up to rain, had lunch with rain, had an afternoon snack with rain, and then had dinner and bedtime with rain. It was one of those days that just when you think it might clear up, buckets of rain magically begin falling from the sky. So we had a day full of T.V., arts and crafts, dress-up and reading books. I took the opportunity to do a deep clean of the bathroom and other cleaning around the house while my parents supervised a lot of the activities. Though the day was nothing much to describe, we had a nice day at home, all of us hanging out together.

Coming up in the next post: D-Days

(pictured above: Mia sneaking into the cherry bowl and getting caught)

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