Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009: The Good Life in the Slow Lane

Our family vacation (can you call it vacation when you are at your own home?) continues to be great. The girls are having a blast going to Little Red and seeing their old friends. It's a great school year-round, but especially in the summertime. During the summer, they plan outings almost every day to go hiking, swimming, rock climbing, art classes, biology walks, visit farms, etc...So between these outings and just fun old fashioned play time, they couldn't be happier.

Tonight, Ella is having her first ever slumber party with her good friend Ellie. Except for getting called down to Ella's room about 10 minutes ago (after bedtime) when Ellie and Ella announced to me that Ella simply could not leave Colorado, she must stay because it is so pretty here and France is too far away, so far so good! Tomorrow, Ella and I will be driving about an hour to get to Montrose, CO. We did this last year as a mother/daughter trip right before kindergarten began. We went clothes shopping at Target, bought a new backpack, got our nails done, went out to dinner and stayed over in a hotel. We decided to make this a tradition, so tomorrow we will go and do the same. I am looking forward to our little trip!

Earlier this week I took Grace and Mia to get their eyes checked. I know they are young, but I did it for two reasons. First, because Ella got prescribed glasses about 7 months ago and I thought maybe the twins could have a similar issues (lovely genetics...). Second, because the twins were 2 months premature and vision problems are very common with that scenario. I guess there is a third reason, which is that Grace and Mia don't need any more barriers to being successful in an all French school, as they approach a new school year coming up in Caen. It turns out that Grace does actually need glasses - she has the same vision issue as Ella. Mia's vision is fine. Funny, isn't it, how identical twins can be so un-identical? Sometimes I don't see how it is even possible, how different they are.

Andrew and I have been having fun. He has been enjoying getting out and mountain biking with his friends. I have been mostly working out at the gym and running and hiking. We pretty much decided we should just do as we wish, with or without each other. We gotta get in all of our favorite stuff before it is too late! Andrew has gotten out a few nights to hang out with friends. One night he might have had a little too much fun so the next morning I happily suggested that we should spend about 2 hours in the hot sun playing tennis together. He won one game and I won one game, but even with a nasty hangover I am pretty sure he still let me "win" one. Darn!

On Sunday I have plans to hang out with my good friend Andi. On Monday we have a cookout at some other friends house. On Wednesday my sister and her whole family arrive for a long weekend. So lots of fun stuff coming up.

We have been having fun here in Crested Butte, but it surely has been low key. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

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