Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009: It's an A+

Well, we now have the first day of school for 2009 - 2010 behind us. And I am very relieved! I did some stuff today to keep my head occupied, but truly I was just really nervous about how it was all going.

The day started off well enough. We all got up on time, had breakfast together, and none of the girls were bad mouthing school. All five of us left for school on time and though we arrived to mass chaos (lots of crowds of parents and children and the head lady giving directions in a French of course) and had little understanding of where to take our children, we figured eventually figured it all out. We got the girls off to each of their respective class rooms and felt OK - they let us leave with no tears or struggle. So with that, Andrew went to work and I went home where I crossed my fingers all day long that a good first day would be had by all.

Here are some rough quotes and conversations from after school when I asked about their days:

Me: Ella, what was your favorite part about school today?
Ella: Everything! I loved it all!
Me: Well, what did you like the least about school today?
Ella: Nothing! I loved it! I love my teacher. I have a really cool classroom that sits atop a spiral staircase. And I am such a big girl now.

Me: How was your day Grace? Did you have a nice first day of school?
Grace: Yes! It was fun, mommy.
Me: What did you learn about? Can you remember anything?
Grace: Flower petals. I love flowers. And we had pudding for dessert and mashed potatoes and the cafeteria was new and I don't know what happened to the old one.
Me: And how about the bathroom. Did you go potty before and after nap time so you wouldn't have a potty accident?
Grace: Yes. I am big now, mom!
Me: Great job, Grace. I am so proud of you!

Me: And how about you Mia. How was your first day of school?
Mia: It was great.
Me: Did you like your teacher?
Mia: Yes, she was really nice.
Me: Your teacher told me you were really good in class today. But she did mention to me that you sang ALL day long.
Mia: Yes, she told me that I was hurting her ears (giggling).
Me: Yes, so she said you were a very good singer but that she would prefer you save your singing for before and after school. Can you do that for her?
Mia: Yes. And, I learned about butterflies today. And I got to take a nap in the same room as Grace.

Tonight, before bed, Grace cheered when she found out it was another school day tomorrow. She said she wanted to stay really long at school. Ella agreed. After school today I took all the girls to the park nearby where we sat and had the above conversations and they had a snack. After we talked and they ate, they played for a while and do you know what the three of them played? School.

(pictured above: the girls playing school at the park after school)

From where I stand, I don't think today could have gone any better. Now what does that leave us for tomorrow? I hate to ponder that question, but I certainly just hope it's as good as today.

Now, onto fun topics such as fashion. Just look how happy Grace is below - just beaming. Grace was so excited to put on this fabulous new dress for school today. Fresh off the racks from J.C. Penny! What a great age it is when your children are thrilled and unaffected by wearing $25 dresses to school. I remember I used to hide in the aisles when my mom took me to KMart for fear of being spotted at the poor peoples store (that is what I thought people would say!) But that was silly, stupid really, of me. So cheers to you Grace! Soak up that pleasing polyester pretty dress. Strut your stuff!

Ella was also beside herself with a similar J.C. Penny dress and this was also her choice for the first day of school.

Mia, on the other hand, was a little miffed about her dress and was unhappy that is didn't have any sparkles or pizazz like Ella and Grace had. We told her that she had a really pretty bow and they others didn't, but she didn't fall for that explanation. Here is her picture:

Wish us luck for tomorrow!


  1. Bravo Girls!! I knew you could do it!!

    I'm sure you will sleep well tonight, Kate!


  2. These just keep getting better - way to go girls - all of you!! Of course you have to pat the parents on the back for organizing all of this!

  3. Jessica RutherfordAugust 31, 2009 at 9:06 PM

    That is tooooo cute. Love that they had a great first day!

  4. Pudding and mashed potatoes - how on earth can you go wrong?

  5. Thanks , Kate, for writing these blogs - it helps so much to keep us with you all! Love you