Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009: I Miss Kris!

(pictured above: Kris in front of Le Mont Saint Michel)

I just want to write a quick blog by saying how much fun I had with my oldest sister Kris during her visit. She left yesterday morning and I already miss her! Her being the 11 years older and the oldest of four children and me being the youngest, Kris and I didn't really spend much time together growing up. One of my fondest memories of my sister is when she would come home from college to visit and she would take me with her to Burger King around midnight to get a Whopper. Way past my bedtime, but my mom would approve and I felt so grown up and special to get invited by my big sister to hang out and eat tasty treats with her. And now this trip has replaced that as one of my fondest memories. Her trip here made me discover that my big sister laughs a lot, is funny, curious, caring, creative, thoughtful and adventurous. All great traits and for having the time to discover them I feel blessed and so do my children and husband. Now, I would update you on what we did after our fun weekend adventure, but I have granted Kris the ability to write within this blog. So expect pictures and stories from her in the near future about the other trips and sights we saw during her trip here in Caen.

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