Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009: 104 and Yet There is More

We cruised past 100. I had every intention of blogging all about hitting the 100 milestone but I totally forgot. And then there was 101, 102 and 103 that blew right past me. But today, no more! Today I celebrate the 104th blog to be written on Life in Caen - We Can! I seriously don't think I have written this much since my diaries, journals and heavy note passing that took place in middle school. I thought about writing stuff down a lot over the years but I guess I needed something interesting like picking up and moving to another country to get me to actually write and keep writing.

The intention of this blog was and still is to keep our friends and family informed about what our lives are like here in Caen, France. Yes, at first it was tough here. My dad actually told me when he came to visit us here in France in June that some of the initial blogs that I wrote made him sick to his stomach because he was so worried about his little girl and her family. So I began to wonder if maybe I shouldn't have been so honest about the state of affairs? But then I decided it was important to be completely honest. That way, everyone would be all the more relieved when things started to look up (I was hopeful) and get better.

So now it has been 7 months since we have been here in Caen. I think back to the day we arrived and compare it to today and things are vastly different. Andrew has now settled into his job, Ella is reading French better than English and speaking French better than some French children, I have lost 10 lbs thanks to my membership at The Pavement, we have friends and know store owners, Grace got past her mid-day bed wetting issue and Mia goes to sleep at night in 5 seconds flat. Would any or all of these things have happened even if we were still living in Crested Butte? I really doubt it. The adaptation required by all of us to make this move work facilitated these changes. So, 104 blogs into our lives here in Caen and with many mini-issues encountered along the way, I say this whole experience has been well worth it.

Now, to the issue of blog #105 and beyond. The last thing I want to do is write about boring stuff that is of no interest or entertainment value to the people who read this blog. You might have noticed over the past few months that my blogs were not written daily as they were in the beginning. That is a good thing. It means that disastrous and/or noteworthy events are not happening in our lives on a daily basis. It means that there is some level of normality now. But I assure you that normal is relative and what is normal to us now may actually still be of interest to you. So I do plan to keep on writing in this blog but if it starts to get really boring or pointless, someone please do me a huge favor and just tell me!

As a side note, I also wanted to mention that this blog has been found by other people on the internet that we don't necessarily know. Some email correspondence and blog comments that I have received are from people trying to find information about moving to another country or information about living in Caen, France. So it's nice to know that this blog has been useful for others in ways I hadn't expected.

Now, tomorrow I plan to blog about my very busy week. I have tried new workouts (ever heard of Power Plate?) started a new team sport, got a library card and enrolled the girls in some Wednesday activities. And last weekend, Andrew and I attended a very fun party that I'll fill you in about.

A demain!


  1. Great Blog, Kate...and I mean it. Spoken from the heart, honest and true. We all love reading what you are writing, so don't ever think it's a bore. How sweet that your Dad worried..I love parents like that !

    I applaud you and Andrew and the Girls for accepting this amazing but difficult experience.

  2. Hear, Hear You guys are the best - have you printed your blogs or would you like me to do the task? We need a hard copy!