Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009: Utah Beach

So for some reason, I keep forgetting to blog about some of our recent adventures. It now strikes me, looking at my past few blogs, that I have forgotten because I have been griping about one thing or another so let us return to this placed called France and all of it's many wonderful sights and history. So let's start with Utah Beach.

Utah Beach was the only D-Day Beach I had not visited. It being a cold and cloudy Saturday and the constant buzz of cartoons driving Andrew and I crazy, we decided to get bustled up and go see this historical sight once and for all.

Utah Beach was one of the five beaches (or sectors) designated for the D-Day Landings on June 6, 1944. It was on this beach where General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. earned himself the Medal of Honor, due to his leadership, confidence and courageousness. From what I have read, it seems that it was on this beach where the allies received the least resistance and had the most success.

Approaching the beach, all was still and quiet (well, there may have been some whining in the background...). The deep coastline and the lack of people and activity made it hard to comprehend that beginning on June 6, 1944 it was a complete mass of chaos and fighting and ships and soldiers. On this present day, the only activity was some people fishing for some creatures beneath the sand and a horse buggy that scooted by.

(pictured above: people are digging for something, but I don't know what!)
(pictured above: a random horse buggy glides by on Utah Beach)
(pictured above: this about sums up the activity on Utah Beach the day of our visit)

We all had a nice visit to the beach. You give the girls sand and a bit of water and that is all they need for entertainment for hours. They must have played in the cold, wet sand for an hour or so while Andrew and I just gazed out along the shore, trying to figure out what the heck the other people were digging for in the sand. We should have just asked, but we didn't.

I think we may have waited to late in the day to go on our adventure, as Grace and Mia were a little cranky and whiny and loud. That meant that we could not visit the museum in good conscience - another time, I guess. Here are a few pictures of the exterior.

(pictured above: a tanker in front of the Utah Beach museum)

(pictured above: Grace and Mia are very interested in this large gun)

(pictured above: Ella and Mia inside a German Bunker that remains behind on Utah Beach)

(pictured above: a photo of the Utah Beach Museum and skyline of the beach)

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