Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009: I Hope You Pee Your Pants Today

(pictured above: Grace almost in tears from laughter)

I know, the term "peeing your pants" is kind of taboo around this house and probably around yours. And that is totally understandable. What a mess! But when I say that I hope you pee your pants today, I mean it in a positive way. Let me explain.

Lately, Andrew and I have had a lot to think about. Unfortunately, I can't really get into what we are hemming and hawing about but I can assure you that we are all happy and healthy so not to worry. But for me, as I have pondered during the past few days, I have really been thinking a lot about family and friends. I miss them. I worry about them. Though this has always been the case, no matter where I live, it seems that having such great distance between all of us makes the missing and the worrying even stronger. Friends and family members with upcoming surgeries, sick with the flu, losing jobs, combatting the tough economy, trying to move and buy houses and relocate - for these difficult life events I wish I could be around for to provide support. Support in the way of "I-could-hop-on-a- plane-or-start-driving-right-now-if-you-need-me". Not the "Let's-Skype-and-I-can-hug-you-over-the-computer-screen" support or "chat-with-me-over-Facebook" support.

But wait! I know that is all very sad and not at all what you want to read about to cheer you up today. So let me finish on a positive note...about peeing your pants. As I think about friends and family and missing them so dearly, I also begin to think about all the great attributes they have and the fun times we have had together. Some of the happiest memories I have of being with my friends and family are those times that involved me and many others peeing our pants (and probably crying) because we were laughing so hard. I have strong memories of sitting at the dining room table playing cards with my sisters and my mom and laughing so hard that someone peed their pants and usually ended with my dad, clueless about what was so funny - storming off in annoyance...and we'd laugh even harder at this. I have memories about driving in the car with my girlfriends, going to concerts, or not even doing anything of note but typically included loads of laughter that was unstoppable and ended with tears and pee.

So as difficult decisions are ahead for Andrew and I, instead of thinking about the things that make me sad and I know I can't control (like living far apart from dear friends and family) I have chosen to think about the great fun we have had in the past and will have again in the future when we see each other once again! I look forward to laughing so hard that I pee my pants and I wish the same for you. I hope today, something so funny happens that you can't control your laughter, that you pee your pants and maybe even shed a tear.

Here's to a good laugh with friends and family!

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  1. I am laughing with you - thinking about being on the roof of the Delta Chi house with Andrew's frat bros...he can fill you in - not for publication - we are with you all the way with all the upcoming events!