Friday, November 13, 2009

I know we Caen....

Hi all - this is Andrew and tonight I don't have a long or fun blog to post...

Today, I want to tell everyone who reads this blog that our adventure is going to quickly take us from Caen France to San Diego CA - starting in late December.

Unfortunately we are all victims of this great recession and the operations in Europe are not doing well - because of this, my family and I will move to CA and will continue our adventure there.

To all my colleagues in France who will not fare as well as me, I wish you all the best in the future... Take care all...

It's a sad night for me tonight, and I'm looking forward to the California sunshine to warm my heart once again.

The best to all of you,



  1. What wonderful experiences and memories you and the family will take with you to Cali. And you are right the warm sunshine will warm your heart, and Auntie M will be there to visit! Love you all! OXOXOX

  2. Welcome back to the states! Sorry we won't be a 4 hour drive away; but flights to San Diego are pretty cheap!