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November 28, 2009: "Best Evers, Again" - Part III

Now we are getting towards the end of Steff's trip. It is now Monday which leaves just until Wednesday to get some more fun in before she takes a very early train to Paris on Thursday morning to then catch her flight back to Chicago. Monday was slotted for a trip to see Le Mont St-Michel. We got the girls off to school and then left ASAP to get as much time as possible to spend there before we had to back to pick up the girls from school at 4:30.
(Pictured above: Steff and I and the girls, walking to school)

I think we managed to get about 1/3 of the way there when all of the sudden we got stuck in a huge traffic jam due to an accident. We literally sat there for 2 hours. Thank goodness for iPhones - we managed to kill the time by talking and listening to our favorite songs. Unfortunately, after we started moving again, it was already noon and that just wasn't going to give us enough time to get to Le Mont St-Michel and have a proper visit. So we decided to go back to Caen and do something else truly essential for a trip to France - eat Galettes and Crepes. We had to drive through twisty country roads due to the road being closed still from the accident, and though that made our drive back to Caen a little longer, it was really quite pretty. Le Mont St-Michel would have to wait until tomorrow!

Back in Caen, I took Steff to my favorite Crepe restaurant - La Ficelle. She started with a Galette, as did I. As usual, they were VERY yummy! They were filled with something like ham and cheese and an egg - full of YUM! After the Galette, we had dessert Crepes. I got my favorite, which is sugar and butter. But Steff, being a visitor in France, had to get the mother of all Crepes. She said both the Galette and Crepe she has were.....the best ever!
(Pictured above: The Best Ever Crepe)

We were totally stuffed (and yes, I am in the process of trying to work off the 5 extra pounds this trip donated to my physique) after our lunch. We got a few errands done and some walking and then, having JUST remembered a few hours prior that Grace had a doctor's appointment, Steff agreed to go pick up Ella and Mia for me from school. Grace and I returned in time to meet them all at school and I believe we went to the local carousel for a ride or two before returning home for the night.

(Pictured Above: Steff and I in front of Le Mont St-Michel)

Take two Tuesday - yes, we finally managed to make it to Le Mont St-Michel on Tuesday morning. OK - so this was officially my 5th visit to this monument in a span of just 10 months. You'd think I might be over it by now. But honestly, the drive is beautiful, hearing peoples reactions as they approach from as far at 10 miles away is so exciting, and I still manage to find a million new pictures to take each time. Steff found so many things to take pictures of that I had to give her my extra memory card - hers was already full!

(Pictured above: Steff and I at Lunch at Le Mont St-Michel) (Pictured above: Just a beautiful shot in the gardens)

I actually could see myself seeing this place a 6th time, before we leave to go back to the United States. The whole day while Steff and I were visiting, they were setting up the Christmas lights and decorations. I would love to see this place all decorated at night. It must be beautiful!

Tuesday night, after we got the girls to bed, Andrew let Steff and I go out on the town for dinner. We didn't really know what we were in the mood for so we just walked around, window shopping and trying to work up an appetite and a preference. After a while we stopped for a drink to help fuel our creativity. That worked - we decided on pizza. We went to a place I had intended to try but had never gotten to yet. It was really cute! I ordered what I thought was pizza but it was a calzone - still good though. Steff got a pizza and she thought it was the... best ever!
(Pictured above: Steff and Ella having lunch on Wednesday)

Wednesday is no-school day. So Steff and I couldn't plan anything that wasn't local, very local. I took the twins to First Babys School for the day and then returned home so Steff and I could walk Ella to her first class - drawing. We killed an hour and a half popping into shops and just strolling the streets. After we picked up Ella from her class, we did some more walking and ended up finding a cute street. We went into this one India-inspired shop and ended up trying olives, candies, mushrooms. The man was very nice. I bought a few unexpected things and so did Steff. We then grabbed some sandwiches from a local bread shop and took them to eat on some benches outside of the Abbey for Men at the City Hall (Steff and Ella pictured above).
(Pictured above: Olive mania at the shop we stopped into)

The rest of that afternoon was spent shuttling around Ella to another class, picking up the girls from First Babys School and getting everyone home. Steff went out on her own a bit to pick up some odds and ends she wanted to take back home with her. That night, we got a babysitter and Steff, Andrew and I went out to the Irish Pub to watch France play Ireland in soccer. We had a great time just hanging out. Steff had a new beer that...she decided was the best ever! It was called 1664 Blonde - which I have to say, really was tasty. It might be my new favorite beer, too! I went home early that night to meet the babysitter and Steff and Andrew stayed out for a while at the Pub. I don't blame her, who wants vacation to end?

(Pictured above: Steff and I at the Irish Pub)

Thursday morning, Steff and I got up bright and early and I took her to get the 6am train. It was sad to say goodbye, but we had so much fun and have memories that will last a lifetime! Steff was able to spend some really good time with my family and I - get to know us all together and individually. How often in life do you get a chance to do that with your friends? My children and husband now know Steff as the great person I have told them about for years and she, in return, knows the same about them. What a great visit! Thanks Steff. We miss you already!

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  1. Wish I could have come again to take the girls to school - best ever was being there with you guys and enjoying the day to day on to Cali!!! The adventure continues!!